Friday, April 22, 2011

Trying to catch up on my blog....

It has been a crazy couple of months!! I'm going to attempt to slowly catch up on all of our family happenings...attempt being the key word :)

So where to begin........

First, on March 21st my SWEET niece was born at 1 pound 3 ounces at UAMS in Little Rock! She is SUCH a miracle. Holly was admitted to the hospital the Thursday before she was born and then sent to Little Rock on Friday. We had plans to leave Friday night for vacation (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina) BUT since we were told by doctors that she would have her baby within 24-48 hours we didn't want to go. In Little Rock the doctors told her that they would keep Emry in utero as long as possible but that she more than likely had a chromosome defect and wouldn't survive...It was a hard decision but since they didn't think she'd have her within the week we decided to go on with our vacation...

I have a TON of vacation pictures so I will make a separate post about vacation..But while we were in Disney World, Emry was born!! I remember getting the phone call and all 5 of us stopped what we were doing in the middle of the CROWDS of people, held hands and prayed and cried out to God for Him to save Emry and protect Holly during her c-section. We were getting on a ride when my Dad called and said "She's here and she's breathing!!" I sat there and cried the whole ride! Praise God!! As soon as we got off the ride, we sat down on the bench, held hands, and all prayed and thanked God for his miracle!! Scariest day ever!! But it turned out good! Emry is doing well. She is growing and getting stronger every day!! You can read Emry's story at Here is her 1 month picture:

Brandon got sick towards the end of vacation and everyone ended up getting it...Cade spent 5 days in the hospital for his asthma :( It was hard! His pulse/ox would stay up during the day but when he went to bed it would drop way down in the 80's.. At his follow-up appointment after being released his doctor decided to keep him on meds for a long period and treat him chronically :( Poor baby!!

It's been crazy around here :) More to come soon! I hope!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A few beach pics!

Little Model!
Bella! So pretty!
I LOVE sisters!
this sweet boy is a finalist on for this cute picture!
haha..we tried for a good family picture. This is the best it got :)