Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just a singin'

My sister has been on my case asking me to come join her and sing at Celebrate Recovery at her church on Friday nights, FOREVER! One day, I was driving and really beating myself up over how my insecurities make me miss out on a lot of things that I actually do enjoy. I prayed about it and told Holly that after Christmas, I would come sing with her occasionally!

To say that I was nervous is an understatement. I'm going to be honest here;  I told my husband that I have let the words of people affect me so badly, that it's hard to get on the stage and sing. It's like I get up there and my voice freezes up and nothing works anymore. I can literally just imagine voices and faces of the few that have hurt me when I even think about singing and for years this has stopped me from doing something that I they taunt me. I decided to not listen to satan's lies anymore and to go for it! I prayed my little heart out on Friday night! Ha! I had a great time! My brother even came to play his guitar! It was fun!

Oh, brother.

Dustin and Allyson came over afterwards to give the girls and I a gift. How sweet is this??
 Of course, we said yes! Cade's gift wasn't in yet but Uncle D still asked him to be their ring bearer! Cade said, "No, you can carry the rings yourself, Uncle Dustin!" After a little prodding, he groaned and said, "ughhhh...alright...I'll do it..." Lol! Love my sweet boy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Date Night!

Aunt Holly decided to have a cousin sleepover and invited our 3 kids and Jeff's sisters oldest daughters (whew, that's a mouth full!) on New Year's Day. We took the kids over around 3ish and headed out for a date that was much overdue! We had a great time! We went and ate at Mojito's in Rogers and then shopped at the mall for a little while. I'm on the hunt for some CUTE, good running shoes (can you tell that the looks are much more important to me than the quality?? haha).

After shopping for a while, we headed to Redbox and picked up a movie. We watched The Frozen Ground. It was pretty good but had a little too much bad language and had a few nude parts that weren't cool. It was just weird to be at home early and done watching a movie by like 8:30! I had a great time but it was a little boring (in a good way) without the kids around! We both missed them! We also enjoyed some yummy pie!

The weirdest part was waking up with NO one in bed with us! Ha! It was a weird feeling and took me a few seconds to realize that they were at Holly's. Brandon slept till like noonish. I got up and enjoyed some free time- watching t.v., cleaning and catching up on facebook.

Holly sent me a text mid way through the day and said Cade wasn't feeling well :( No lie, I had JUST told him that we had made it a whole year without a hospital stay and that I was proud we hadn't been sick much this year and BOOM, he gets sick :( Poor guy!! He was nice and shared with I've been sick for about 4 days. If he feels as bad as I's awful!

Anyways, it was a great date night/day! Thanks, Aunt Holly having a fun time with the kids!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Countdown to a new year!

We had our annual small little New Year's Eve bash with our family. We were missing Allyson and The Moore's but we had lots of fun!

We made countdown balloons. Inside each balloon was a note that gave us an activity to do each hour! Such a fun idea! There were 5 kids and we had 5 balloons, so it worked out GREAT!

Ready to party!

{8:00 p.m.} Emry went first! The first note told us that we had to make party hats! I had prepared some different things to make hats, beforehand.


The hats turned out really cute!

{9:00 p.m.} Next, it was Sadie's turn! Dance Party time!!


{10:00 p.m.} Then, it was Alli's turn! Her note said to make s'mores! Yummy! It took forever to get the fire started outside. So while we waited, we played a few games :)


 and...ate lots of junk food...

Our Skinny Buffalo Dip! So delicious!! We sent some home with my brother and a few days later he sent me a text that said he would pay to get the recipe for this dip! LOL!
Finally, s'mores!!!


Then we decided to have a little fun and use Hot Hues on the girls hair. Sadie bought it a few months ago and she's been dying to try it! It was messy but cute. I guess...haha

Emry was blow drying Laney's hair!

Dustin being a Debbie Downer and leaving before the party was over!


 {11:00 p.m.} Cade's turn! His balloon note told us to make our New Year resolutions and pray over them!


Cade couldn't care less. Haha

{12:00 a.m.} Laney's turn! Her balloon said to get the noise makers and celebrate the New Year!! Countdown!

She wasn't really asleep..just tired!

If you look back through pictures of Alli, this is the 3rd or 4th outfit change for her! I always
have lots of laundry to do when she visits..for some reason??? :)

Happy New Year! Many blessings to all of you in 2014!