Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just had to post after everyone has gone to bed...I was just sitting here thinkin how precious my sweet girls are! Even though they have drove me half crazy today...ha I still love them so very much!!

The past few weeks have been SO different with them. It's like one day it just clicked that- 'hey we can play together and have fun without fighting!' ha! Used to I had to be referee...Laney would push or take toys away and Sadie (don't let her age fool ya) would pull hair or slap in retaliation! But one day they were in Laney's room and I heard...NOTHING! What? It kind of freaked me out because they were in there alone and there was absolute silence! So I went running in there and they about made me pass out, they were actually sitting beside each other playing. It was such a sweet sight to watch!

Today, Laney took a nap and fell asleep on the couch and as usual Sadie (who was asleep in the bedroom) woke up the second Laney's eyes closed...So I get Sadie up and set her down on the couch and I picked Laney up to take her and lay her in her bed...well she had fell asleep with a little bear and when I picked her up the bear fell on the floor. I lay Laney in bed and hear Sadie coming just as fast as she can saying "baby, baby mommyyyy" and I look and she has carried the little bear in there for Laney. She acted worried that Laney didn't have it. She mumbled (words I could not quite understand) and pointed to Laney to let me know that Laney needed her bear! awwwwww sooooooo precious!

They are also into this thing now in the car where they like to hold hands (yes, they hold hands without fighting). They also like to have screaming matches with each other (something that drives my dad up the wall. hehe) but it is so cute to watch because they smile at each other while they do it. And EVERY night they have to kiss and hug each other. Melts my heart! Sadie will tell Laney "huggie" and they'll just hug and love on each other. Used to Sadie wouldn't let Laney near her and Laney would try to squeeze the life out of her!

Laney is also getting protective of Sadie. She has to make sure that Sadie has everything she does and she wants to change her and help her do everything! Laney always tells me "I was a good basample (example) for my sister, right mommy?" *tear*

I just love watching them interact. It is the sweetest and greatest thing. Don't get me wrong they have their days but I think all sisters and mine always did :) In my opinion having a sister is one of life's extra blessings that not everyone gets to have. I'm so thankful God blessed me by having a sister and thankful that I now have two little girls that will feel that blessing as well!