Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sadie!!

Dearest Sweet Sadie,

I cannot believe you are two years old today!! It seems like just yesterday you were in my belly..causing me all kind of pains!! :) Today you said you wanted to go to the park when we asked you what you would like to do for your birthday. We asked you what you would like for dinner tonight and you said McDonald's! ha And you want to play "soccer ball" This morning when you woke up you were upset because it's raining and you keep looking out the window saying "Raining, ball" and then you frown! SAD!! We are going to do our best to let you play soccer ball today :)

We celebrated your birthday with all your friends/family last week. We had a party for you and Laney together at Wilson Park Pool! We called it the Stein Girls Luau 2009! You had so much fun but weren't very talkative like usual. We didn't know if you were feeling bad or if you were just being shy cause there were so many people there! You got tons of cute gifts but weren't really interested in opening them. You wanted to play instead so Mommy had to open most of them for you and you played with them as I opened! When we asked you what you wanted for your birthday the only thing you would tell us was, "I don't ball?" You told Laney you wanted a "bag" and Laney said "Well what do you want in it sis??" And you told her "Stuff!" haha!

You are doing so much now! We can understand you a lot. You talk all the time and want to do everything that Laney does. You act so big! You love baby dolls and carry one around most of the day and you always take one to bed with you. We even got a note from the nursery that you carried one around all during church last time. SO sweet! You get so excited about everything and point and say "Mommy LOOK!!" Sometimes you just melt my heart! I could sit and watch you play/sleep/eat/talk all day long!

You are still having some issues with your legs. We took you to the doctor last week and didn't really get any answers (again) and have to take you back for more x-rays in November. Some days your legs look straighter but some days you have a really hard time walking/running. Breaks this momma's heart! I just don't want them to hurt you EVER! We are praying really hard that they straighten up or that the doctors will do something soon to help them!

You love music and you LOVE to sing! Everytime you get in the shower you will sing very LOUD!! It is the sweetest! When you are playing babies you walk around saying "Baby cry, Baby cry...." You make us laugh all the time!