Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're off to see the wizard...

So I had a few minutes and thought I would write a quick blog...Our computer is broken so I haven't had a chance or the time to actually type one up somewhere else..Hopefully I get the computer fixed soon! :) This is kind of old but last month we won free tickets to see the Wizard of Oz at the Walton Arts Center from www.nwamotherlode.com (check them out!) I was SO excited. Brandon and I took the girls and mom decided she wanted to come too since it is her favorite movie ever!

I didn't realize how scary this show might seem to little girls until we were already watching it..Sadie wanted to nurse the whole time (yes I still nurse her...Lord HELP!) and Laney enjoyed it and didn't seem too bothered by anything scary (Thank God--cause I was praying!) Sarah and Kelcie came down from the balcony to visit us during intermission. Laney looovess Kelcie. She likes to call her and even though I hear mostly giggles, I think they have fun talking to each other on the phone..ha. Sadie's favorite part was anytime the "doddie" (Toto) came on stage and Laney just loved everything. She loves to go to plays and watch all the singing. I usually end up playing the most recent play for weeks afterwards but I'm glad she enjoys it. We met up with Sarah, Kelcie and Netta after the show and visited outside a while and took a few pictures. We had plans to get fried ice cream from Jose's but it was a little late :(

Fun night!