Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's summer, it's summertime!

We are LOVING summertime! There is nothing better than not having to get the kids up early and sending them off to school! This past week, we invited Alli over to spend the night and had so much fun playing and hanging out. 

Most of the time was spent playing hide and seek! So fun! 

Yes, there is someone behind that picture :)

My sister and Emry came around lunch and we fed the kids and changed in to our swimsuits and headed to Nana and Pepaw's to swim. My kids absolutely love the water and can all swim by themselves (with life jackets on) so it is really nice that I can relax a little more and don't have 3 munchkins hanging off of me! ;)

 Alli surprised her Momma by swimming alone and Holly and I took turn a holding Emry. Oh.my.word. I really think that she could swim on her own- if given the chance! She is a wild child and oh so funny! We had a great summer day!