Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Handsome Sweet Brother :)

We are hooking up with 'Show Us Your Life Friday' over at Kelly's Korner. This week is 'Show us your single boys' and we just so happen to know of one :)

Meet our brother, Dustin, a handsome, single, 23 year old, from Northwest Arkansas! What's not to like about Dustin?! He's one of the most amazing men we have ever known
(yes, we may be a bit partial but hey, he's pretty great!)

Dustin is a laid-back kind of guy, doesn't worry about too much. He's a family man. Fond of the outdoors, Dustin enjoys hunting and fishing and fourwheelin'. He also likes looking at the stars and the sky and he's got some pretty cool pictures to prove it!

He loooooves his nieces and nephew. He always buys them the coolest, most thoughtful gifts, shows them magic tricks, and teaches them pretty neat stuff. Just recently, he called his oldest niece to have her look at the big, cool clouds sweet! He's the best Uncle so we KNOW he'd make an awesome Daddy!

He's a very talented man. Music is a big part of his life. He is a self taught guitar player and has been apart of praise and worship for several years (he can sing too but he doesn't like people to know that...shhhh-ha!)

He's also very wise and very deep. The boy knows lots of stuff, whether it be Bible verses, music lyrics, TV quotes, etc, etc. He's just a smart guy!
He enjoys helping people, which is why he's currently going to school and got accepted to the EMT program (we are SO proud!) He should've been a doctor as much as he knows about medical stuff! He amazes us at how knowledgeable he is!

Last but most importantly, he has a wonderful heart for God. He is not the type of guy who just “dates around.” He doesn’t want to date a girl unless he can see himself marrying her one day. How sweet is that?? He is such a wonderful guy, and any girl would be so blessed to call him her own.

P.S. Dustin doesn't know about this YET! So we'll post for now and brag on what a great guy we think he is and he can thank us later :)
Also, we apologize none of the pics are of him by himself. We could only find ones of him with our kids. HA!