Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's a BOY!

So I realize that i'm almost two weeks late posting this but IT'S A BOY!!!!!!! WOO HOO!! Brandon and I feel truly blessed and Brandon has said numerous times how "perfect" our family will be now. :) Last Monday, we went to the doctor at 8:00 a.m. (I made the appointment early-couldn't stand the thought of waiting all day) and so we got called back to the ultrasound room and let me tell ya: I WAS SO NERVOUS!! I was sick all morning trying to get ready and when I layed down on that table, I was shaking like a leaf!! Brandon was surprisingly calm. Laney and Sadie went with us and they were both very excited to find out. Laney was hoping for girl and Sadie said it was a boy!

(yes I am aware that he may beat me when he gets older for posting this one..ha)

So, the tech starts getting all the measurements she needs for the doctor and looking around and then she asks us if we'd like to know the sex? HELLO, UM YEAH, THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE!!?? Anyways, a few weeks back I had this dream that the ultrasound showed a little wee-wee and then turned to a vagina!! FREAKED ME OUT! haha So Brandon and I both kept seeing something that we thought was the "male part" but didn't say anything...I was honestly waiting for it to turn to a "girl part". Finally, she said "Well, it looks like a BOY to me!!" WHEW, what a relief (not that we wouldn't have loved her if it had been a girl but we really wanted a boy)!! I cried. Brandon cried. It was precious! Utter shock. As a matter of fact, we're still having a hard time believing we're gonna have a boy! Brandon always said that he had the two most beautiful, sweet girls in the world so he knew we were having a boy because there could never be girls more prettier or more precious than the ones we already had. Of course, Brandon and our doctor shared some high fives before we left! Immediately after walking out of the doctors office, my phone and facebook started blowing up with texts and people wanting to know :) So I sent them this picture for a clue :)
Laney had seen on her favorite show (The Duggars) where Josh and Anna cut a cake to reveal the sex of their baby and so when we told Laney we were fixing to find out the sex of our baby she said "I WANNA CUT THE CAKE!!!" So we decided to tell our family/friends the same way. We planned a reveal party at Chuck E Cheese that night and it was SO much fun!! My family wasn't too happy about having to wait from 8 a.m. till 6:30 that night but they got over it! haha

We have decided to name him Cade Mackenzie. His name was purely accidental! Brandon and I went to Olive Garden for our anniversary on July 5th and we were talking baby names and Brandon kept getting "mad" at me everytime I mentioned a girls name! I thought Kate would be a cute name cause it's my grandma's grandmothers name and Alli's middle name is Katelynn so I thought that would be kind of pretty. So I said "How bout Kate?" Brandon glared at me and I was like "I didn't say Kate!! I said CADE!!" haha He was like "You know what? I really like that name!!" So there we had it: Cade! And Mackenzie is Brandon's middle name and it's also the maiden name of his grandmother on his dad's side. We are so excited and just can't wait till HE is here!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh The Excitement!!

Ahh...here we are on the eve of finding out what the sex of our (hopefully) last baby is!! We are soooo excited and very nervous at the same time (as I'm sure you can imagine). Everyone keeps asking me what my "gut" feeling is and well, I really don't have a gut feeling. I was telling Brandon that I think it's a boy but then I feel like that's just wishful thinking and then I figure it's a girl cause well that's how we roll...so I just REALLY don't have a clue!!
We are right in the middle of a move to a new, bigger house (THANK YOU GOD) and today I came across these emails I had printed off around 4 1/2 years ago! Aww, how they made me cry and laugh all at the same time! Everything was so new then and we had no idea what we were in for :) I had sent out an email to my family/friends a week or so before we found out the sex of Laney Beth and it was so much fun reading what everyone had to say so I thought it might be fun to post these the night before we find out what "Baby Cup" is going to be. I'll share a few :)
-BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from Uncle Dustin)
-I think you are having a boy because I have a gut feeling. Boy is my vote. Love Aunt Netta
-I, Tina think it will be a girl bc that seems to be the most dominate gender in this group...Jim thinks that just bc there are so many girls that this one will be a boy!!! and Mandy thinks it will be a boy bc that was the first thing that came to her mind. Missy thinks you will have a girl bc girls are prettier than boys...haha so here you have it...we are a family divided...Love you guys and we will be praying for you (From Jim, Tina, Mandy and Missy Flowers)
-Hi. Jamie well I guess a boy. reason to take Dustins place as he just turned 18 the other day. and you was sort of a tomboy to me. no i hope you guys lots of luck and boy or girl Gods blessing to you and Brandon (and ?). Love Papa (so SOOOO sweet)
-I'm gonna guess BOY for two very good reason....I haven't seen you in a while and your nana said so...(from Mina)
-Well I just happen to think that Mr and Mrs Stein are going to have a beautiful baby GIRL! I know, I know I am going against what Nana thinks which I have to admit does worry me a little, but I have to go with my instinct. I think that since Brandon was blessed with many brothers, it is time for iim to experience the joys of a precious little girl. Just think, you guys would get to look forward to pink dresses, hair bows, and all the little girl ways! Plus, Jamie you know you have to have a girl now, so I don't have a chance to take that name we both love! HA! I am so excited for both of you and either way, boy or girl, I know that this baby is blessed! Counting down the days.... (From Sarah Morgan *now Core*)
-I think it is a girl because you look like girl people (From Sarah Robinson)
-Well I think you are having a boy!!! I don't really know why. so do you want us to guess when the baby will be born too??? If I win I want you to take me out to dinner! Love ya lots! Nana
-A Boy!! God told me so. (Uncle Joe)
-Well I didnt even know you were pg! Congrats. I say "boy" too! (Robin Smith)
-I bet it is a girl. Hope you are doing o.k. Love ya, Aunt Barb
-I think it is a boy. I know we want a girl but I have a gut feeling it's a boy. The reason I think it is a boy is because I have been buying boy clothes and I would hate to take them all back!! hehe (From Aunt Holly)
Gosh, I treasure these emails so much!!! I think it's funny that most said boy and two girls later we still have no boy (at least not that we know of YET!! ha) I know I have Sadie's somewhere too that I may have to post sometime but I just happened to find these today :) Say a prayer for us (Brandon especially..hehe) and we will let you know!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get your votes in!!

I've started a new poll (as I have with my two previous babies) that is a lot of fun, especially for me, I love reading all of ya'll's guesses and what you have to say :) So get to voting!! Just click on the expectnet poll at the upper right :)

A few facts:

-Miss Laney Beth was breach causing me to have a c-section which requires me to have c-sections with all my other pregnancies :( Sooo I know that I will have the baby somewhere around a week or so before my due date (that should help you guys with the date)

-I weighed 7lbs 13 oz when I was born and unfortunately I am not sure about Brandon...But Laney weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long and Sadie was 7 lbs 10 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long...

-I went into labor a day before my scheduled c-section with Laney and with Sadie I had contractions pretty much from 20 weeks on but I still kept her in my belly alllllll the way till her scheduled c-section day :)

-Brandon has 5 brothers and only nieces...My family usually goes two of one sex and one of the other (for example: Me-girl, Holly-girl and then Dustin-boy) there's a whole mixture of sexes in my family :)

That's all the clues I'm givin! Good Luck!! :)