Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

WOW! I have been so busy....I have thought about updating my blog several times but I was either too lazy or didn't have time. Then my dang laptop crashed! I feel so lost without it.... :(

So I was reading a friends blog (thanks Becca) and she posted a blog with her new years resolutions so I thought I would follow the same pattern, although I never follow through with these things but I am going to try my absolute best because these things are so important to me!

*To have a closer relationship with God. I go to church and all but sometimes I feel like I am not as close to Him as I should be. Like I'm going through the motions and not really getting it right. I read a verse yesterday that challenged me and so I am determined to start setting aside time everyday to find a QUIET place to pray and have time ALONE with God. I think that is so important in your walk with God.

*To spend more time "playing" with my girls. Sometimes I get so busy doing, laundry,watching tv, computer stuff (ahem..)... This whole laptop being broken has been a blessing really. I feel like I have played with the girls a lot here lately. They mean the world to me and I have so much fun playing with them. They amaze me...the things they think and do. Aww, I love them!

*To have a better marriage with Brandon. I will admit, we argue more than we should. It's hard sometimes though when you're struggling with other things and you tend to take it out on your spouse. I would like to make a resolution to never fight in front of our kids (I would like to say to never fight, period but that is difficult to not argue with someone you are with 100% of the time). I've noticed that Laney's attitude gets real bad when we've been fighting with each other. Isn't that terrible? I feel like a bad parent/wife sometimes because of this. We have got to do better! embarrasing to admit but i'm just being honest...

*To work on myself. I have some serious self-esteem problems. I don't really like being around people most of the time because I feel insecure. It is going to have to have a lot of help from God but I want to be a better person. I am going to have to do some hard work inside and out. I need to stop worrying about what others think about me and focus on what God wants me to be. I used to have a bad social anxiety problem and it got better but now I feel myself getting in the same "rut" that I used to live in. Please pray for me! :)

That is all I can really think of for now. My mind is at a blank! ha! I will do a continuation of this at a later date to see how I'm progressing with these things..and I am already breaking resolution #2 because I am spending WAY too much time on this computer and the girls are wanting me to play "mail lady" :)

I will post again soon!