Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just a singin'

My sister has been on my case asking me to come join her and sing at Celebrate Recovery at her church on Friday nights, FOREVER! One day, I was driving and really beating myself up over how my insecurities make me miss out on a lot of things that I actually do enjoy. I prayed about it and told Holly that after Christmas, I would come sing with her occasionally!

To say that I was nervous is an understatement. I'm going to be honest here;  I told my husband that I have let the words of people affect me so badly, that it's hard to get on the stage and sing. It's like I get up there and my voice freezes up and nothing works anymore. I can literally just imagine voices and faces of the few that have hurt me when I even think about singing and for years this has stopped me from doing something that I they taunt me. I decided to not listen to satan's lies anymore and to go for it! I prayed my little heart out on Friday night! Ha! I had a great time! My brother even came to play his guitar! It was fun!

Oh, brother.

Dustin and Allyson came over afterwards to give the girls and I a gift. How sweet is this??
 Of course, we said yes! Cade's gift wasn't in yet but Uncle D still asked him to be their ring bearer! Cade said, "No, you can carry the rings yourself, Uncle Dustin!" After a little prodding, he groaned and said, "ughhhh...alright...I'll do it..." Lol! Love my sweet boy!

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